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Zoen Chocolate is freshly milled. It is pure, exciting and never to forget.

Zoen creates edible memories from fine flavor cocoa beans

that we mill on the spot.

Our cacao is minimally processed: just roasted and ground to 100% chocolate paste.

For a bit of sweetness, if so desired, we add unrefined or coconut sugar.

You are free to come and taste anytime.

© 2013 Zoen Fresh Milled Chocolate. Proudly made by

Moments of Joy


Zoen chocolate is made with roasted cacao from Nicaragua. 
The cacao is milled to a fine paste in a few short hours, preserving the natural flavours of the cacao. Sugar is added as the only other ingredient.
The chocolate is made on a daily basis and sold in the ZOEN Shop in Leiden, en in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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